Nurturing Young Minds
One Step at a Time

Our mission is to uplift education levels by providing learning materials and opportunities to children, particularly girls, from socioeconomically disadvantaged families. We aim to help them unlock their full educational potential.

“A life not lived for others is not a life” – Mother Teressa

We’re Building a

Children Development Organization (CDO) is a beacon of hope, a non-governmental organization established in 2021, driven by compassion and dedicated to uplifting the lives of vulnerable children, particularly girls, in rural areas of Tanzania. With a heartfelt commitment to creating a brighter future, CDO is registered under ordinance number 00NGO/R/2748, paving the way for transformative change.

Smart Kid

Supplying educational resources like uniforms, stationery, shoes, and hygiene materials to socioeconomically disadvantaged children, including those in challenging family situations.

Limitless Girl
Providing boarding/hostel support for girls from low-income families, enabling study due to chores, energy access, or long commutes.

Its every individual responsibility to provide a child with a means to thrive in school

Ho we do it

School Supplies



Hygiene Materials

It Takes the World

To Ensure vital materials for children's education.

Our initiative aims to supply crucial learning materials and create conducive environments for children’s education, ensuring they have the tools and settings they need to thrive academically.

Our Children

Change a life today. Sponsor a child now.


At 13, upheaval struck as Mom fled Dad’s abuse; I, the only daughter, assumed household duties.


Mother left, sister quit school for marriage, father busy with second wife—left with little support.


Seventh child in a single-room home, father absent, balancing studies with family duties,

Visit a Child

Visiting with sponsored children and local staff is a lifelong memory to cherish. We Provide you an Opportunity to visit a child you wish to sponsor and see first hand the life your changing